4 January 2011


Well, so far so good... I said my personnel challenge was to make birthday cards on time and I`ve managed the first two of four this month...And (AT LEAST) 1 card for Christmas 2011 each week so here`s the first (of many I hope,lol), hope you like it. I would also like to say a big thankyou to Lola, for the lovely comments she said about me on her blog...(on December the 22nd) I haven`t felt 100% today,think I`ve got a little tummy bug :( and what with the kids going back to school and the Christmas tree etc coming down the weekend I felt really low until I read what she said about me...I don`t always trust my own crafting instincts and I more often then not, bin something I`ve made. But what you said Lola has made me think I have to stop listening to the gremlins in my head and listen to friends and family more, so I sincerely thank you Lola for that lovely boost of confidence you gave me today,If I could off I`d have given you a big hug,lol XXXX. AND ALSO, to my other, although only a few...(hopefully more to come!!) lovely friends on here, especially Sylvia,Vicky and Lee... your comments mean so much to me and I can`t tell you how much I appreciate them. So much so I`ve decided I`m going to come on my blog more regular and pop over to yours to, because I always feel 100% better when I do. Love and hugs to you all and here`s to a wonderfully happy,healthy,wealthy and most of all CRAFTY 2011,lol. XXXXXXXXX


  1. Hiya Ali and Mark!

    Hope you are both well :o)
    Gorgeous makes sweetie, love them all and I am sooooo pleased you have uploaded them! I am also pleased you will be doing more cards for us to see, you are very talented and I can see alot of love goes into your crafting!

    So happy crafting honey and I cannot wait to see more of your fab creations :o)

    Big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Oh bless you.Your cards are FAB.I'm really glad you are feeling more confident,lord knows i struggle all the time especially with layouts.I have more than once wanted to just chuck all me crafting stuff,shut the door and say no more,BUT,then i think no,i'm a stubborn what's it lol and wont be beaten,so i'm still crafting hee hee.Love the blog background soooo pretty.Love looking at your creations so DON'T go away lol.HAPPY NEW YEAR.Huggles.xxxx

  3. Awwww...I was just being honest! You have a talent and make beautiful cards. Including this little lovely. I too want to make at least 1 Christmas card per month so I'm not rushing at the end.